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Successfully Navigating the Legal Online Space into 2022

Dec 31, 2021 | Legal Column

News From the Legal Expert in December

2021 saw the world trying to return to normalcy despite a global pandemic that still doesn’t want to disappear. For lawyers, that meant more remote work, Google Meets conferences with clients, judges, and opposing counsel. Like most of the world, the legal industry learned how important it is to understand and actively manage various aspects of a law firm’s technology needs.  

Throughout the year, we touched on a variety of topics related to your law firms domains, including organizing and managing your domains, the number and type of domains your firm needs, the countries where you should register your domains, and the value of a .law domain to your law firm. In addition, consideration was paid to protecting your firm’s brand as well as the tools and services available to help you protect your clients’ brands. We also looked at specific technology issues, like load speed, security, and your ability to collaborate.

Where does that leave us at the close of the year? We touched on many topics at a very high level and tried to provide the reader with enough information to begin a journey of discovery. None of our columns were complete explanations of the specific subject matter but instead a guide to the topic that hopefully gave you enough information to begin understanding the issues and asking the important questions of those individuals in your firm or the vendors working for your firm.

As we close the year, I urge you to keep reading, researching, and understanding these issues to ensure your firm stays current and doesn’t fall behind or make a costly mistake. Remember your domain portfolio is a digital asset and has significant value – you owe it to your firm to understand all of the issues related to these assets and manage them properly