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What are the Most Common Email Aliases?

Feb 2, 2023 | Online Trends

An email alias is typically a public email address, for example,, used in addition to your firm’s email address (often your name). Below you can find the most commonly registered email aliases, whether you’re just starting your business or working in an established law firm and wondering what the forwarding email to your marketing department should be.

For this article, we used a cross-section of over 200,000 email registrations to give you a good representation of email alias trends globally. Info@ is the winner, followed by support@ and sales@. Below you can find the rest of the top 20 most commonly registered email aliases from our data set:

The Top 20 Email Aliases

  1. info@
  2. support@
  3. sales@
  4. contact@
  5. hello@
  6. editor@
  7. admin@
  8. webmaster@
  9. privacy@
  10. marketing@
  11. jobs@
  12. press@
  13. careers@
  14. help@
  15. news@
  16. feedback@
  17. media@
  18. hr@
  19. advertising@
  20. events@

Our customers often purchase an email service alongside their domain, giving them a custom email at their domain name. If you are still looking for the right service, you could set up a primary user with Google Workspace and get 30 Gmail email aliases and 100+ google groups distribution email lists per user. You can start a free 30-day trial today. More established law firms generally have an email for each department to direct mail to that department’s team. If you’re a smaller firm looking for a slight lift in credibility, consider creating a few of the most commonly registered department aliases to create a “more established” look.