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Domain 101: Different Types of Domains

Feb 2, 2023 | Domain Portfolio, Online Trends

The Internet has been around for a while now and even though likely every single internet user has typed in a domain name before, many might not know what exactly a domain name actually is. Below we talk about website names and what comes before the dot.

 Domains are most commonly referred to as top-level domains (TLD) for short, domain extensions, or domain endings and classified in five different types –  classic generic domains, country-code domains (ccTLDs), international domains (IDNs), new generic domains (ngTLDs), and blockchain domains. 

Classic generic domains are still very popular because they have been around the longest and are available for registration by any person or organization for any use. Also, almost every country has a designated domain (ccTLD), which is always only 2 characters long or may have requirements to be registered, and in some areas of the world, you see domains in other language character sets (IDNs)

The team of Join.Law specialized in the legacy domain extensions – .com, .info, , net, .org, .biz – and ngTLDs to serve you as our customers the best we possibly can. Domain extensions were introduced in 2012, with new ones being introduced every year. These ngTLDs were created to give people and companies more options. Some, like .law are restricted and considered more secure, safe, and trustworthy because a registrant has to go through a process to get approved. For a .law domain name, you need to be an accredited lawyer, law firm, or another legal entity. 

Last but not least, the last type is blockchain domains, but they are considered experimental because they are different than the other types of domains in that they do not behave like normal domains.