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Why Purchasing an Exclusive .law Domain is an Indicator of a Reputable Legal Business

Oct 29, 2021 | Domain Portfolio, Online Trends

You can see your reputation as a form of currency; businesses without a solid reputation will quickly find cash flow dwindling. So no matter the size of your firm, you should be concerned about your presence online. As we increasingly work online, we must ensure that the first impression counts while remembering that last impressions are forever.

Today, a domain name is an important decision when establishing your online presence and an essential part of creating your brand image. However, the ideal name is only the start; you also have to determine which domain name extension is best for your firm’s needs. When looking for a domain name, you should consider domain extensions that reflect your industry.

Domain extensions serve a bigger purpose than simply being the online address of your piece of digital real estate, but does it really make a difference which domain extension you buy to represent your company online? Will your clients even recognize the effort and money you put into registering a new gTLD like .LAW, .ATTORNEY, or .LEGAL?

Registering a .LAW domain name is the first step for you towards digital success.

Yes, .COM is still one of the most registered domain extensions and also a great home for your website, but everybody can register it without restrictions or verification. With countless websites either fake, fraudulent, or a scam, the World Wide Web can be quite vicious. It may take years to build a great online reputation, but only minutes to ruin it. Determining if a website is fake or not starts by paying attention to the address bar. Choosing a .LAW domain doesn’t just show your connection to the legal sector; it’s a clear statement against cybercrime.