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Why a verified .law domain name is worth the investment

Nov 4, 2021 | Legal Column

News From the Legal Expert in October

Here’s a scenario I run into repeatedly: A colleague asks if it is worth paying over $100 for a verified domain instead of or in addition to a .com for around $10. The quick and easy answer is yes – absolutely. The cost is insignificant, but the value proposition is great. 


We talked about owning multiple extensions for your firm’s name or brand in prior posts, which also applies here. The difference is that a verified domain can only be registered by a person or organization that satisfies the verification criteria. So, for example, a .law domain can only be owned by a lawyer, law firm, or legal institution. Likewise, a bank can only own a .bank domain.

I believe this is significant – with growing concerns over security, cyber fraud, and online scammers, a domain name that a third party verifies is valuable now and will become more and more valuable as time passes. 


Short and sweet, but the answer is yes, you should register the verified domain – you may not use it now, but it may be required at some point in the future and can spare you a lot of headaches.