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What about choosing the right domain name?

Jan 30, 2022 | Legal Column

News From the Legal Expert in January

We have talked previously about domain name extensions, security, country codes, managing domains, forwarding domains, verified domains, firm name domains, lawyer name domains and domain purchasing strategies like buying names defensively – the name of a competitor or multiple versions of a practice area and then redirecting that domain to the firm website. 

What about choosing a domain name? When searching for a domain, you should think about some considerations in making your choice:


Domain name length and relevance. 

SEO (search engine optimization) experts will argue over the effect of the length of a domain name on search results. As a practical matter, a short domain name that is easier to type and remember is always better. A name that is descriptive and relevant in terms of your firm and practice is also better.


Practice areas versus last names

If your firm has a single practice area, then a name that defines that practice area may be a good idea – examples are or On the other hand, if your firm has multiple or varied practice areas, then perhaps it makes sense to focus on your firm name or brand using the firm’s name or some derivative of the name –,, etc. 

I personally like using the firm’s brand, as practice areas shift over time, but the firm name and brand should remain constant. I also like practice specific names like for specific practice groups within the firm, and have seen many firms create sites on these types of domains in addition to the firm’s branded site.



Choose a name that your potential clients will be able to remember and spell easily. You want your name to appear professional and credible. Your domain name should appear trustworthy when spoke or spelled out. Your domain name should represent who and what your firm does.



Another consideration is whether to include a geographic designation, like, This analysis is firm name versus a practice area decision. In this case, the geographic designation may work well with a broader practice area., for example. Again, you need to think this through and play the long game. Don’t be too limiting.



Take your time and do your homework before choosing. Your budget and availability of names will limit your choice. Changing names later can be painful, so put in the time upfront and pick wisely.