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.law domain makes a great gift for your legal partner

Dec 8, 2021 | Featured, Online Trends

Picking out the right gift for someone you love is sometimes easier said than done. Picking out a professional-looking gift for a business partner or college might be even harder. Thankfully, registering a unique domain name is only a click away.

Christmas 2021 is approaching fast, and finding the perfect gift can become an exhausting experience. Why should you waste your time at crowded malls when you can get everything you need online? A .LAW domain name might just be the way to go this year to save hours spent at the store. Registering a personalized domain for a lawyer or a law firm eliminates shipping costs, and you don’t have to worry about delivery times.


Domains For Business Success

While a bottle of nice wine or a fancy paperweight is expected as business gifts at the end of each year, they aren’t personal, nor do they make you stand out of the crowd. A .LAW domain name makes the perfect gift for a business partner that works in the legal field or the people that work in your law firm, and here’s why:

Branding:  Getting your employees a personalized domain name that they can use to start a website is not just a unique gift; it also shows your support in their career path.

Investment: Registering a domain name is inexpensive, and with multiple domain extensions for the legal sector, you have a wide range of possibilities to choose from.

How to Gift a Domain Name

Everything you have to do is register your desired domain name, and it’s yours. While registering, you can create a new account and name the person you are gifting the domain as the owner. It’s that easy.

(Please note that some domain names can only be registered if the owner fulfills certain requirements. For example, A .LAW domain can only be registered by a lawyer, law firm, or other legal institution, while a .LEGAL domain or .ATTORNEY domain aren’t restricted nor need validation.)


How to ‘Package’ The Domain

Now, how do you “package” a virtual gift like a personalized domain name? Here are some simple ideas:

  • Write a handwritten card
    Simply include the details about the domain name registration in a personal note for the receiver. Here you can explain why you’ve decided on this particular domain name and what it means for you.
  • Record a video
    Putting together a short video that you can easily record with your smartphone gives you the chance to explain your idea behind the gift and how to use it, and you can include a personal message at the same time.
  • Use a gift certificate
    The easiest way to make your gift look most professional is to just download and print our free gift certificate template. Then, include the domain name you’ve registered, and it’s ready to go.