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How to Protect Your Law Firm From Ransomware

Aug 25, 2021 | Cyber Security

Can you remember the days of storing files in filing cabinets and countless boxes? It feels like forever ago, doesn’t it? Now law firms are converting to an electronic storage system on computers. But is it secure? Storing your documents in the cloud is becoming more and more popular. It’s cost-effective and secure, especially with the increasing number of cyber attacks.

Attackers use many strategies to gain unauthorized access to your data. Malware, for example, is a very common threat that continues to impact legal service providers, particularly financially motivated ransomware attacks that threaten to publish or block access to your data unless a ransom is paid. In case of an attack, it is essential to establish a backup strategy to restore your systems or data affected by a ransomware incident. With Google Workspace, you have complete control over your data, and it enables work from anywhere, without the need to periodically stop working to save your files. In addition, when you upload files, they are stored in Google-owned servers, and everything is saved to the cloud in real-time, all the time.


For a law firm, the level of security should be essential in choosing your cloud provider. As a result, here at, we’ve trusted Google since day one to protect data against threats and fraudulent activity.


Google Workspace’s Drive is reliable, secure from theft, safe from ransomware, and encrypts your data, ensuring that if anything falls into an attacker’s hands, they won’t be able to decrypt it. And the best news, it’s a breeze to start using the industry’s most trusted cloud storage system. We make it easy for your law firm to move to Google Workspace and enable you with ways to identify, prevent, detect, respond, and recover from threats in the ever-evolving cloud-native environment.


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