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Can you afford your clients doubting your credibility?

Sep 1, 2021 | Cyber Security

No matter if in the courtroom or online, your credibility is the backbone of your business. With fake lawyer websites on the rise, you might be gambling with your most important asset.

A lot has changed over the last decades. The Internet’s unstoppable growth didn’t just create opportunities. Operating a legal practice in our online-driven world is full of obstacles. Registering an eye-catching domain name alone is by far not enough anymore.

Thirty years ago, .COM was the only option to secure your very own piece of online real estate. There was no need to think about endless cyberattacks or if your competition was secretly trying to harm your business using malicious digital strategies. Today, the first impression counts more than ever. You can’t establish, grow, or protect your legal expertise’s digital representation if your clients doubt your credibility. No matter how much money you spend on creating your law firm’s website, your clients won’t pay you a visit if they can’t trust it. The most important rule for a modern law practice in the digital age today is to focus on the results you want tomorrow.

Make sure you cover the following:

Trust: Choosing a verified domain name will help you build trust right from the start. The .LAW domain is reserved for licensed practitioners and communicates your authenticity as an official part of the legal community to help combat fake lawyer websites.

Growth: Did you know that most internet users only have an average attention span of 8 seconds? For that reason, your website needs to be secure, fast, and easy to find to increase potential leads and new clients.

Security: You can’t have your eyes everywhere at the same time. A defensive monitoring service doesn’t just give you peace of mind but also a priceless competitive advantage.