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Can a free email address cost you your dream job?

Feb 10, 2022 | Web Presence

It takes a lot of work and effort to put together a great resume and write an appealing cover letter. So naturally, you want to leave the best possible first impression when applying for a job at a law firm. However, if your application doesn’t make it in front of the eyes of the right person, all the precious time you invested was in vain. Did you know that using a free email account like Gmail could cause issues when sending personal information to a company? Aside from the fact that sending an email from a free email address doesn’t look very professional, your email could also land in the spam folder of the person you want to impress.

How to look unprofessional

Imagine the following: You found a law firm that is looking for hire and you decided to send them an application. You update all your information, write a great cover letter, and use your free Gmail account to submit all documents required. You do not hear anything back for over a week, so you sent a follow-up email with a different subject line and without any attached documents. This time, it does not take long for someone to replay, only to tell you that they already filled the position, but sadly never received your first email. After a quick phone conversation with the responsible person, you ask them to please check again to clarify the situation, because you are convinced that you sent the application. They could then find your email, but, unfortunately, it was located in the spam folder. How frustrating! It happened because Gmail quarantined the email due to you attaching personal data to fight possible spam.

Using a free email account does not just increase the chances of your email landing in a spam folder; simply said, it also makes you look very unprofessional.

How to look professional

If you want to enjoy more freedom and exclusive features than a free email hosting provider can offer you, you need to start by registering a domain name, which will enable you to set up your branded email addresses. For example, suppose you register, your email address could be

We recommend using Google Workspace for all email needs. It provides features like large cloud storage space or spam filtering and guarantees your email doesn’t land in the spam filter of others. In addition, a domain-customized email address will show your investment in a professional look. It also provides email encryption and regularly undergoes independent third-party audits.

Moreover, Google Workspace allows you to create documents or spreadsheets, share your calendar, plan online meetings, or use instant messaging. Google Drive will enable you to store, access, and share all of your documents and allows you to access them from any device, anywhere you are.