Preparing for Google’s SEO Update

With the upcoming Core Web Vitals update, Google is telling webmasters exactly what they need to fix and our Solutions Team’s Ernesto Maldonado, Yevgeniy Churinov and special guest SEO expert True Tamplin are here to break it down for you with actionable insight. This webinar covers everything you need to know about the three Core Web Vitals and preparing your site so you can prevent losing web traffic.

Yevgeniy Churinov

Solutions Engineer

Ernesto Maldonado

Solutions Engineer

True Tamplin

SEO Specialist

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We also created reading material on the subject of Core Web Vitals. Download our whitepaper, “Preparing for Google’s Core Web Vitals with Secure Web Accelerator” for an easy-to-understand guide you can save for later review and share with colleagues who may also be interested.

Google makes hundreds of changes to its algorithm every year.

On rare occasions, they will announce ranking factor changes. They do this in particular when something is important or they want to provide unified guidance for site owners to make changes to their site beforehand. 

User experience has always been an essential part of building a great website, but now, it will play an even bigger role in Google Search ranking.

Of all the possible user experience metrics, Google has identified three Core Web Vitals. These are the focal points for the next Google update rolling out in May 2021.


Largest Contentful Paint

Do you know how fast your website loads?


First Input Delay

Do you know how your site responds to user input?


Cumulative Layout Shift

Do you know if elements on your site move around the screen while it’s loading?

These are all user experience metrics that will impact your Google Search ranking with Google’s new Core Web Vitals update. But site speed metrics tend to be hard to understand and confusing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google gave us a blueprint of exactly what we need to do to boost our search engine ranking? You don’t need to be a performance guru in order to understand which metrics matter the most.

Watch our webinar to learn what you could do today to be prepared for this important Google update.