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What separates you from your competition?

Your firm’s brand.

Unfortunately, a majority of law firms overlook several key strategies to establish, grow, or protect their digital brand.

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Essential Law Firm Branding Strategies you can’t afford to pass.

Regardless of any marketing or sales efforts, these branding issues can cause you to be losing potential new clients every day. Learn about the following mistakes below, and how Join.Law was created to specifically help with these issues.

Overlooking to Optimize Your Website’s Overall Performance

Your website is a representation of your business. If it is too slow, not secure enough, or is not optimized for mobile usage; you are losing potential clients without even knowing it.
It only takes seconds to lose clients’ trust, causing them to move on to your the better performing website of your competition.
The average attention span is less than 3 seconds.
8 out of 10 people leave a website if it is marked as not secure.
Most clients refuse to share confidential data if your website shows any sign of possible security issues.

Professional and Confidential: Get a Complimentary Website Scan Today

Many law firms don’t even have basic domain security in place, leaving them open to attacks with potentially devastating consequences.

Does your firm have the 3 most critical security features enabled? Find out if your website is secure with a free technical scan.

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